"For once you have flown you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return".

Leonardo da Vinci



Hot Air Ballooning in Barcelona


We invite you to share a true adventure, based on a new experience, a balloon flight in Barcelona or the Pyrenees. From the moment the balloon inflates, to the touchdown at the end, this balloon flight will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Discover a new world of sensations, sights and the feeling of complete freedom as you gently cruise across the skies like a bird. 


We take you or your group, on an incredible flight in a hot air balloon, over the area of Vic (Osona - Catalonia) or other areas of Catalonia (where flights are permitted), over stunning countryside and small towns. If you really want a spectacular flight, we can take you on the balloon ride of your life over the Pyrenees. Imagine the views of the high peaks and snow, what a breathtaking experience. 


The balloon flying activity usually lasts a whole morning, beginning in the early morning, from 7.00a.m. in Summer and from 9.00a.m. in Winter. This is to avoid the effect of the ground heating up during the day, which makes the rising air more turbulent and the balloon ride more uncomfortable. The flight usually lasts about an hour, depending on conditions and because you will be hungry after your adventure will be followed by a typical brunch in one of the farmhouses which are characteristic of the area.


All passengers will receive a Diploma, signed by the pilot, which they can proudly display, which certifies that they have made the balloon flight.


Balloon flights are one of the safest means of flying. All necessary precautions are always taken to ensure that the utmost safety conditions are met. The flights are only undertaken when meteorological and atmospheric conditions, and forecasts, are correct and will allow for a good, safe flight. 


All balloon pilots possess the necessary credentials, which are issued and controlled by the DGAC (Spanish Civil Aviation Department), such as their Balloon Pilot's Licence.


Insurance: We have policies covering Civil Responsibility and Passenger safety.


Adventure: Balloon rides are sold as an adventure sport or activity. We take all possible precautions in order to ensure the risks are effectively nil. Ballooning is an activity, which brings you into direct contact with nature, is an incredibly relaxing activity, without age limits. All flights are always undertaken in gentle wind conditions, allowing calm and enjoyable flights.



North Barcelona


Approx. 1 hour flight, longer flights available


All year round, from Monday to Sunday.


The balloon holds 6 people and 1 pilot.


This experience may be limited by high winds or other inclement weather conditions.


Comfortable clothing recommended.


This event is very popular, so you are advised to book well in advance.It is not advisable to fly for those with medical conditions.

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