Graffiti Hip Hop Team Building in Barcelona


“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly.”― Banksy


 Graffiti Hip Hop Team Building Barcelona



A Hand Made Event

In the 60s Graffiti was born in NYC, associated to hip hop music, the ghetto, and a specific street wearing fashion. Quickly extended through all over the world it was changing under influences from others fashions, to set what we know today as “street art” or “urban art”. A way to express anything for anyone. Nowadays, graffiti is a valuable art in all kind of expositions, museums and art rooms and has been establiished as an element of expression and communication toward any kind of public and social scales.


This workshop, managed by graffiti masters, has all the necessary ingredients to do a team building exercise, which is participative and interactive… a real challenge for participants and combines communication, creativity, improvisation, co-operation and entertainment.


We design a custom event for your company that has tried and tested components that we can put together to suit your needs. We think out of the box and will be happy to discuss an ideas that you may have. Your feedback is a vital part of the event and its design.


“Graffiti Hip Hop Team Building..… would you ever imagine having your corporate vision launched as “street art ”!



This is the main event where teams get to ‘write’ their own graffiti. We want them to work on a slogan, a project, a company logo or just get creative. The objective is that all participants contribute in making an “artistic wall paper” using graffiti techniques, which should be support the subject/slogan, the company wants to promote. Regarding the chosen message, masters will help iwith the  designing of font and styles used to produce the work.



Warm Up
Participants will be split into groups and will be assigned a portion of the graffiti wall. Graffiti artists will be on hand to give a demonstration of how to paint, the type of line that is created depending on the speed of the stroke or the distance from can to canvas.



Before getting down and dirty teams will have to work together to design their mural. This stage is done with paper and marker pens. The teams will have to work together to come up with the best design. Graffiti artists will be on hand to help with the ideas. You decide their level of input, they can also help in the initial layout stages too.


Teams should be ready to paint once they have a coherent design. Painting or ‘writing’ as it should be called will be done on canvases. We recommend an indoor event during winter months where we use water-based, completely nontoxic paints so there is no contamination. We do supply gloves and can supply disposable overalls if needed and highly recommend that people wear clothes they don’t mind getting paint on.This is heightened much more when the live session of Hip Hop and Scratch Dj begins, helping participants to really get into the fun and amazing atmosphere of the Graffiti Hip Hop Team Building activity.




Graffiti Team Building Barcelona


Urban Music
None of this would be complete without some cool tunes too. We provide local Barcelona Hip Hop DJs that make sweet music to make the event complete. While teams write the atmosphere will be spot on and people can feel free to bust a few moves as well.



graffiti hip hop barcelona

Lastly all portions of the “wall paper”, will be put together under the close scrutiny of the Graffiti team who will give instruction and advice to the teams. The groups will then study, discuss, arrange and finalise the definitive wall paper. The end result will be an impressive display which shows the company message, that can be taken away and used at any corporate event.

· Available for any level
· Atrezzo and material are giving during the session.
. Hip Hop & Scratch Dj Live Session.
· Professional Photography or/ and Video Session on request.


A fantastic challenge for everyone!

PRICE PER PERSON: from €95 and does not include hire of venue or food and refreshments.

Central Barcelona. Usually the group Hotel, which will be subject to permission and not included in the price per person, if there is a cost.

Approx. 3-4 hours

All year round, from Monday to Sunday.

From groups of 15 or more

Not affected by adverse weather conditions


Professional Photography or video session on request

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