“I love wasting time and learning to lip-sync to songs; it's a silly hobby of mine.” — Allison Janney


Lip Sync Team Building Barcelona



The purpose of this team building event is to use an original and fun way to encourage communication within the groups.

The phenomenon Lip Sync has been successfully used by many companies as a great way to develop and encourage positive communication and team spirit within large groups, but in an original and fun way, while getting the company message across.

A Lip Sync is a musical video professionally created and choreographed and then implemented by a group of people who synchronize their lips, gestures and movements with a chosen group song, which usually builds up to the finish to display and get across the company message.

It is a very dynamic group activity and the participants experiment with unusual situations that enable them to get to know each other better, generating cohesion and lot of empathy, within the team overall.

After professional editing of the video, we then invite the group members to see the result of their Lip Sync activities.


lip sync team building barcelona


The first thing we do is to choose the most appropriate song according to the spirit of the company. The scriptwriters and the professional choreographers will design the choreography which can be done inside or outside.

Warm Up
Warm up is to inform the participants about the activity. Some rehearsals are done before the event is recorded and we will try to place every participant into an appropriate role.

Once everyone has their own role and they have come familiar with their movements, gestures, choreography and so on, the producer will start to record with the video camera. The participants will start to feel the dynamism of their part in the event and will really enjoy the challenge of the experience.

After the video has been edited and is ready, we will show the finished film. Everybody gets to see their contribution and the important impact that it has on the overall theme. This is the most useful moment of the activity, where we show the great achievement that the group has made and the importance of working cohesively together as a team.

A fantastic challenge for everyone!

PRICE PER PERSON: from €95 and does not include hire of venue or food and refreshments.

Central Barcelona. Usually the group Hotel, which will be subject to permission and not included in the price per person, if there is a cost.

Approx. 3-4 hours

All year round, from Monday to Sunday.

From groups of 100 or more

Not affected by adverse weather conditions


Professional Photography or video session on request

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