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Team Building Barcelona  


  "Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together as a team is success"

 Henry Ford



     "The difference between success and failure is a great team"

 Dave Kerpen



Team Building is widely recognised as one of the best ways to develop your employees and the significance of a good team was recognised as far back as Henry Ford. It has been scientifically shown to positively improve effectiveness, goal setting and role clarification. Because of this it can have a positive impact on cognitive, effective, process and performance outcomes. It is also considered that it can help benefit work groups experiencing issues such as lack of cohesion, trust, and lack of clarification of their roles.


So, you have decided you want use teambuilding as a way to develop your company workforce. How can you achieve this, which company should you use and where will you hold the event?


Here at Barcelona Event Organisation, we have run many successful Team Building Events and one of the major factors to our success is that we run our events in the beautiful city of Barcelona, with it's rich history and it's  "buzzing" atmosphere. Companies love to use Barcelona, because it is easily accessible, the weather is usually warm and sunny and it's just a great place to be.


How Team Building Can Help Your Business

Team Building courses are great for companies who need to improve the leadership qualities and collaborative skills of their staff. Any company and its staff, ranging from the lower levels all the way to top executives, can benefit immensely from participating in good Teambuilding Activities.


We all know the importance of having a coherent and efficient workforce, who work together as a team. Bad feeling and resentment within a group of employees can significantly affect a business.


Statistics have shown that by exposing your employees, at whatever level, to team building activities, the results can be outstanding. This is because each member will primarily bond with the rest of the group, understand their role more clearly and become a part of that team. The net effect of this will be a more coherent, happy and efficient team who then become an integral part of your business, driving it forward to success.



You should always look carefully, when trying to find an appropriate venue and company for this activity with your employees. Price is always an important issue and affects the type of courses or activities your staff will take part in.


Set goals, in advance, for what you expect the event and activities to accomplish for your staff. The reason for doing this is because you are investing money in your business and your employees. So, you need to make the teambuilding event as effective and worthwhile as possible. It will also give you a reference for afterwards, to gauge how effective it actually was for your staff and your company.


There may be many reasons why you are considering sending your staff to a team building day. Some of these problems may be the following:



1. Poor leadership skills

2. Lack of morale or self esteem within the team

3. History of slow project implementation, due to lack of team cohesion

4. Infighting between the staff

5. Lack of direction



The list goes on, but if you face any of the above or similar problems, then this may be just what your employees need. Check out what we can offer you as potential Teambuilding activities. Hover your mouse over the CORPORATE EVENTS button, on the toolbar above, and then click on the Team Building Activities option.


If you prefer a call back from us, so we can discuss exactly how we can help you improve your workforce with teambuilding in Barcelona, then click here. Fill in a few details and we will call you right back.



BEO is a British Company in Spain

You must choose the right company for any event and with many years experience, Barcelona Event Organisation, a British company in Spain, is one of the leading corporate teambuilding companies in Barcelona. Health & Safety is our number one priority and our venues in and around Barcelona are always of the highest quality and standard. 


We like to make corporate days and events fun for the client. However our team building activities are primarily designed to promote leadership skills, team work, team bonding, motivation and optimum performance. This is as well as providing an environment and activity that clients and delegates can enjoy. 


With a wide range of options available to us in Barcelona, because it is such a great destination, we can provide activities for small groups, all the way up to a major event for 150+ delegates. All our activities are customised to suit your budget, your time constraints and your goals, but always have a fun factor built in.


At Barcelona Event Organisation we offer a variety of great team building activities or events. Some of the most popular are the treasure hunt or scavenger hunt (this can be a GPS treasure hunt which is tablet based if you require an extra challenge for your teams), Dragon Boating and the Paella Cooking Challenge. These will challenge your employees and provide them with the right stimulus to achieve a tighter bond and become a more efficient workforce. Although we work outside of Barcelona sometimes, depending on the event, the majority of our events are held in the centre or city area of Barcelona.


For your visit to Barcelona, remember that we will customize the event to suit your needs and budget. Although we have listed our most popular events below, there are many more others that we can offer and we are always adding new and exciting events. For instance, we can also provide Adrenalin Teambuilding Experiences, like our "Survival Day". Ask us about our "Directors Cut" Team Building Activity ,which will test your group's ability to work as a team, but at the same time is fantastic fun and very different.


Barcelona is a Beautiful City 

Not forgetting the beautiful city of Barcelona, with it's multitude of historical landmarks.


Barcelona is one of the top 3 most visited cities in Europe and in the top 10 most visited worldwide. It is a Spanish city which is famous for being a sports destination. The city hosted the Olympics in 1992. It is also the home to FC Barcelona, one of the best football (soccer) teams in the European and Spanish Football League and argueably in the world. The city is also known for its Gothic buildings and medieval architecture. The Gothic Quarter is one of the most interesting places you can visit while you are in Barcelona. This area of the city with its narrow streets and ancient buildings of dark stone is known for its Gothic buildings. They were built between 1200 and 1500 AD. The Gothic Quarter is located in the heart of the city. All in all, Barcelona is a great place to visit and because of all the cultural aspects, the nightlife, the food and especially the Barcelona football team, our clients come back time and time again. 


Below are some of our clients who benefited from Team Building in Barcelona:


Barclays SAP Volvo Ramboll Phoenix Amex
alsom Ebay Exxon Mobil Savills ge gas and oil Symantec




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