Wine and Tapas Tour Barcelona



"Life Without Tapas is like a Heart Without Love"




Experience a Wine and Tapas Tour in Barcelona


Experience and enjoy the Wine and Tapas Tour of Barcelona. You will be amazed at the wonderful varieties of wine and tapas available to stimulate and explode your tastebuds.


Tapa means lid in Spanish and it is thought to be related to a very old Spanish custom, where a glass of wine was served with a slice of ham covering the mouth of the wineglass. This was supposed to protected the wine from the air and at the same time made the ham a tasty appetizer. Tapas has now become a fundamental and important part of the gastronomic culture of Spain.


Depending on where you try tapas it may have a variety of different names. For instance it could be called racion in one region and pintxo in another. As with all types of traditional Spanish cooking, Tapas normally varies between regions, which is a reflection of differences in ingredients and the different types of lifestyle encountered throughout Spain.



Once you have settled into your hotel in Barcelona, why not Indulge yourself and explore the wide range of flavors of Spanish cuisine by joining us in a Wine and Tapas Tour of Barcelona. Enjoy the Tapas route, where you will visit several of the most interesting Tapas bars in Barcelona. Our expert will help guide you in selecting different Tapas, and will always make sure that these are accompanied by a great wine.


By participating in one of our Wine and Tapas Tour of Barcelona, you and your companions will be sure to have a good time. You will not only to taste traditional Tapas but will be immersed in the real life of the city.





Mon-Sat starting midday or early evening. Duration: 3 hours.




Central Barcelona

Approx. 3 hours

All year round, from Monday to Saturday

From 4 to 60 people

Suitable in all kinds of weather

Comfortable clothing recommended.

This experience is very popular, so you are advised to book well in advance. Please note the price includes guide, plus all food and drinks consumed 

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